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The biggest view

With Teva you can achieve substantially larger windows than you can by using aluminium.

  • New legislation demands that a building with more than 15% glazing coverage must have thermally efficient windows
  • Thermal efficiency is affected by the type of glass, window framing and single or double-glazing
  • Because all Teva single and double-glazed window frames are uPVC, they have the highest thermal efficiency ratings. That means you can specify a much larger window area than you can with the equivalent aluminium framing

How they compare

Aluminium compliance

Teva uPVC compliance

How much bigger with Teva?

Single-glazing 15% 26% 73%
Low E single-glazing * 21% 37% 76%
Double-glazing 28% 46% 64%
Low E double-glazing * 35% 63% 80%

*Low E is monolithic glass with a metalised coating that maximises the thermal properties of the glass