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The most energy efficient windows in South Africa

uPVC is by far the least conductive window framing material available at 1.5 W/m2K (compared to aluminium which is the highest conductive material at 10.4 W/m2K)

  • One of the main areas of energy loss in any home is around the windows and doors
  • Our uPVC windows ensure comfortable temperatures in the home all year round whatever the weather
  • Our windows easily achieve an A rating, the highest possible Window Energy Rating (WER) for thermal efficiency
  • The multi-chamber design significantly reduces heat loss, keeps out draughts, and reduces noise
  • Homes will be cozier and owners will enjoy reduced electricity bills


  • The u-Value measures how much energy is lost thru a surface – such as a window or a door
  • The lower the u-Value the more energy the window or door saves
  • Teva Windows have the lowest u-Values in South Africa

Glazing options


in W/m2K

Teva single glazing 4.6
Teva low E single-glazing* 3.2
Teva double-glazing 2.6
Teva low E double-glazing* 1.9
Teva Argon double-glazing** 1.6

*Low E is monolithic glass with a metalised coating that maximises the thermal properties of the glass
**Argon is a colourless, odourless, and non-flammable gas that double-glazed windows can be filled with instead of with air